About Elyria

Hi, I’m Elyria. I write the alternatives blog. And I wear a few different hats.

I’m a professional organizer, with my own small non-profit LLC, Home Harmonizers. I work for clients in several states. I also use a sliding scale for all my projects so my services are always affordable. And I volunteer at least one day a month for non-profits whose missions I support.

I’m also the executive assistant for author, occult expert, and media personality Michelle Belanger — I arrange book tours, appearances, and manage the newsletter. I also designed and built Michelle’s website.

I have a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability from a business school in Chicago.

I write poetry. I backpack. I read books aloud on my version of a podcast. I garden, I make a mean rock staircase, and I draw cool stuff on pre-loved clothing & bags. Sometimes I sell them. I’m a little crazy about hygge.

I also have an insatiable drive to delve into how things could be different.

Hence, alternatives.

I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

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